Corporate Language Training

100% subsidized training. Our language courses for companies are tailor-made, with objectives adapted to your interests and focused on your needs. Your employees and managers will gain confidence and fluency with our language courses with 100% live classes

Online courses by videoconference

100% oral language courses for companies to master fluency and improve expressive confidence.

Native teachers

Excellent teachers with specific teaching training and 100% focused on your learning and motivation.


Our courses are 100% subsidized (cost 0) charged to the available Training Credit of each company.

Custom schedules

Full flexibility. We adapt to the needs of your company and your schedules.

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Success history

these are some of the companies that have trusted in our courses. Join us!

Julia Palle
Julia Palle
Excellent professionals and very interesting cases! The best way to learn a new language.
Simone Vitti
Simone Vitti
I corsi online sono estremamente comodi e si sposano con gli impegni che ognuno di noi ha. La professionalità dei professori e la qualità del materiale e delle tecniche di apprendimento utilizzate fanno di questa scuola uno dei fiori all’occhiello tra le scuole online!
ziwei wu
ziwei wu
我的老师非常专业,是塞万提斯认证的DELE考官,有非常丰富的教学经验,曾经在韩国,瑞典等不同国家工作过,她也有很多亚洲的学生,所以她可以很快的了解来自于不同地区和不同水平的学生然后找出核心问题并快速解决。我的老师Ana在我的西语学习方面提供了很大的帮助,在2021年4月我参加了DELE B2考试,一开始我想自己准备,但是因为拖延症我没有好好做练习题,离考试还有一周的时候,我觉得心里非常没底,才告诉我的老师我报名了B2的考试,我的老师帮我恶补了几节课,六月底成绩出来了是aprobado,我顿时觉得非常惊喜!因为老师帮我补了口语和写作,所以在这两项上给我拉了很多分让我顺利通过,我非常感激这个学校
Vitalia Alessandra STERI
Vitalia Alessandra STERI
Ana é stata la mia tutor durante vari mesi aiutandomi per l´esame C1 di spagnolo. L´esperienza é stata eccellente, piu che positiva e naturalmente ho passato l´esame Cervantes!!!! paziente e molto professionale mi ha aiutato nelle mie carenze grammaticali, esercizi su misura, classi personalizzate e private, senza dubbio la miglior scuola che avessi potuto scegliere. Raccomando al 100%, gracias por todo!
J Lene
J Lene
요즘 스페인과 남미쪽에 거래처가 부쩍늘어 스페인어를 공부해야했는데 일 때문에 시간이 없어서 온라인강의를 알아보던 중 대학동창의 소개를 받고 Campus ELE 를 접하게 되었습니다. 스페인어에 대해서는 정말 기초적인 지식밖에 없었는데도, 기초부터 체계적으로 강의가 잘 되어있어서 2개월 사이에 스페인어로 기초적인 업무처리를 할 수 있게 되었습니다. 그리고 제가 스페인어에 대해 궁금했던 많은 질문들을 Ana 선생님께서 항상 적극적으로 친절하고 신속하게 이메일로 답변을 잘 해주셔서 정말 고마웠습니다. 저같이 시간이 많지 않은 직장인 들이나 스페인어 시험을 준비하고 있는 수험생들 그리고 실용적으로 스페인어를 체계적으로 배우실 분들에게 적극 추천드려요 ㅎㅎ !

How do our courses work


Our language courses for companies are 100% subsidized (0 cost for the company) charged to the Training Credit of each company. We take care of offering all the documentation for the registration of the courses, as well as their completion.


The level test will be in writing and may be combined with an oral level test, if requested or required. The level tests allow us to know the scope and skill of the student in the language of interest in order to offer a course tailored to it.

In our language courses for companies, the client’s training needs will be analyzed in order to optimize training costs and make the most of the courses. It will be recommended, with the professional criteria of our coordinators and teachers, what type of course and training is the most appropriate according to the results and the needs of the client. Therefore, all levels will follow the progression of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages established by the Council of Europe.


Once the results are obtained, and level and objectives have been analyzed, and after having agreed with the company/students on the course that best suits their goals, a tailored training plan will be drawn up detailing the contents of the course, the goals, the level and duration of the course, and the times and dates of the classes* (at the convenience of the student/company) and its duration.

*The schedules and course dates are subject to the availability of the students. The classes are totally adaptable to the needs of the client. In case of not being able to attend a class, it can always be rescheduled, as long as it is given at least a 24 hours notice.


Once the type of course and level are decided, classes will be given with the students. The courses will be completely online, fully adapted to the students. At all times the teacher will be attentive to the needs of the participants and will ensure that the entire learning process is the most enjoyable, effective and profitable for all students. Participants should feel completely free to communicate any topic that may concern or interest them, regarding their language training. We encourage communication at all levels, so that they can make the most of the courses and reach the desired level in the established time.


Throughout the course, a personalized follow-up of each student will be carried out, regarding their progress and advances. This follow-up is essential so that both the student and the teacher are aware of the use of the courses.

Likewise, the company will receive a periodic report on the progress of all the course participants. It is recommended that this report be monthly, but the frequency is fully adaptable to the needs of the company.


Throughout the course we follow a continuous evaluation system, thanks to which we can guarantee training of quality and that the goals set have been achieved. There is the possibility (if the company and the participants require it) of taking a final test to assess the skills in the language of interest achieved by the student.

All participants in the courses, with a minimum of 20 hours of course completed, will receive a certificate of achievement to accredit the contents worked and level reached.


At the end of each course, the company will receive a detailed report on the progress of all the participants, as well as the training needs of each of them. The type of actions to be followed for the progress of training within the company will be recommended, if necessary. This is a totally free and non-binding report.

Campus ELE has the quality guarantee of offering only the best to its clients and worrying about their progress.

Communicative methodology

Natural learning

We base our teaching methodology on the communicative method, integrating a didactic methodology based on the natural and progressive learning of the language. The four skills of the language (oral expression, written expression, listening comprehension and reading comprehension) are acquired in a fluid way and completely adapted to the level, characteristics and objectives of each student.

eLearning platform for self-learning + follow up

We also have a pioneering e-learning platform and leader in the language self-learning market. Many students use the virtual classroom with the support and monitoring of our tutors and teachers during the entire course.

This virtual platform has a record of the student’s connection hours and allows tutoring of the student’s academic progress throughout the course.

Available language: Spanish.

Improve quickly and effectively

Gain confidence and expressive fluency

Speak in the language of your customers. Our language courses will help you achieve the goals you have always set for yourself: to feel safe and confident when speaking another language. It may be because you want your company to be more competitive internationally or because you want your employees to stop seeing languages as a weakness.
cursos de idiomas para empresas

100% speaking lessons

With our language courses for companies you will learn to communicate effectively and safely in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian or Chinese.

Dynamic lessons

Time will fly by and you’ll leave your classes feeling like you’ve done a good job and seeing your progress every day. 

Effective learning

You will have real communication with native speakers. Consequently, you will improve grammar and vocabulary while speaking in the language of your choice according to the levels of the Common European Framework.

The best teachers

At Campus ELE we bring together a top-level teaching team. Above all, we love teaching and we firmly believe in people’s ability to excel, that’s why we will give everything to bring out the best in each class.

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